Hello I’m

José Luis Carrillo Aguilar

Cloud Specialist / CyberSecurity

Telecommunications Engineer

Know about me

About Me

About Me


José Luis Carrillo Aguilar


Spain. ES

I have 5+ years experienced in the field of IT. Specialized in security, cloud and hybrid environments based on Microsoft Technologies but with UNIX background. Able to communicate clearly and effectively, goal oriented and motivated. Working experience in multicultural environments.

Team player who believes that working creatively with your colleagues makes you the best in the business. Really, as a proactive guy, I enjoy working on new projects, listening and sharing ideas and feedback from others to improve myself. Love basketball and spend time playing with IoT!

My Work Experience





Apr 2019 to present

Security and Infrastructure Cloud Consultant at Microsoft

Plain Concepts

2016 to Mar 2019

Cloud Consultant

I’m working as consultant engineer specialized in security, cloud and hybrid environments based on Microsoft Technologies such as Azure and Office 365 but keeping a good UNIX background.

During the brief time the Consultant position allowed, I performed workshops for customers and support for networks, main servers and some cloud tools in Plain Concepts infrastructure.


2015 to 2016

Partner Sales Executive Intern

During my role as Partner Sales Executive Intern, I have been working as Account Manager with many Nameds (Local OEMs) and Tiers 1 Resellers. Moreover, I have been helping them with Windows deployment and licensing technical support.



Sports Assistant


European University

2017 to 2018

Master’s Degree in Information and Communication Systems Security

The Master’s Degree in Information and Communications Systems Security responds to the growing need for and relevance of security in the field of IT.

Furthermore, it aims to train security specialists who are able to combine a dual strategic and technical approach.

RootedCon Lab


CyberSecurity Lab RV-17: Ethical Hacking

University of Málaga

2011 to 2016

Bachelor’s degree in Telematics Engineering

During my University degree I was working with my associate professor on the book ‘Problems about Analog and Power Electronics’. The book was released for Engineering students in 2012 and updated with my voluntary work on the second edition released in 2013.

On the other hand, I lead the .NET Club at my University teaching students Microsoft Technologies.

Last but not least, thanks to this I was selected as Microsoft Student Partner since end of 2011 until my graduation.



Technology Developer course at Málaga University (60 Hours – 6 ECTS)

Assembler & Setup


Setup Engineering for PC’s course at Málaga University (60 Hours – 6 ECTS)

Asegura IT Camp II


CyberSecurity course by Informática 64

I am good at

My Skills

My Skills

My Professional Strengths

The strength of a man’s virtue should not be measured by his special exertions, but by his habitual acts.

My Professional Strengths are that I am humble, customer obsessed, creative, disciplined, I give and share feedback and I’m ambitious to reach new goals, among other things.

For the summary order I followed a little scheme of employing my time each day. From eight to nine each morning I spend time thinking over the day’s business and eating breakfast. From half past nine till six I work at the office or occasionally at home. The rest of the evening I spend my time going to the gym, listening to music, playing with IoT devices or enjoying the day with family and friends.

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Windows Server
  • Office 365
  • Networking



Pretty Good


Language skills

Spanish Native

English Experienced

French Elementary


I would like highlight other skills below that I have learned through my work experience or by myself.

“As soon as you learn to never give up, you have the power to achieve more”.

  • PowerShell
  • Azure EMS
  • ExpressRoute
  • VPN S2S & P2S
  • AD DS
  • AD FS
  • Web Application Proxy
  • Exchange
  • MDT
  • IoT
  • AD Connect
  • Azure OMS
  • Networking Protocols
  • System Center
  • Hyper-V & VMWare